Five Tool Youth Baseball Tournaments are more than just a platform for young athletes to showcase their abilities in the five key areas of baseball: hitting for average, power, base running and speed, throwing, and fielding. They are part of a larger mission that prioritizes the development and safety of young athletes. Five Tool Youth’s mission is to create premier events that not only develop athletes but also protect them. By participating in these tournaments, players and their teams can expect a high-end, efficiently run event that focuses on the player experience. Importantly, the organization is built on the foundation of prioritizing player health and development, ensuring athletes are not overused. For athletes aged 6u-14u, there is a cap of playing no more than 6 games in a weekend, reinforcing the commitment to maintaining safe arm care protocols and adhering to MLB Guidelines for youth baseball.

The philosophy behind Five Tool Youth extends to the way tournaments are structured, emphasizing not the accumulation of trophies but preparing athletes for high school baseball and beyond. This approach includes setting games with above-standard time limits for ages 12 and up, ensuring no team plays more than 6 games in a weekend, and implementing hard pitch counts to protect pitchers. The organization’s commitment to transparency is evident through their no hidden fees policy, covering umpires, baseballs, scorekeepers, and guaranteeing a minimum number of games. This structured gameplay is designed to establish a foundation for long-term success and health, addressing the concerning trend of overuse injuries, such as Tommy John surgeries, among youth athletes.

Five Tool Showcases, the parent organization of Five Tool Youth, was founded in January 2013 through a collaboration between college coaches and select clubs. Its goal was to provide high-quality competition at premium venues, facilitating exposure for players in a scout and recruiter-friendly environment, while also being fiscally responsible. The tournaments host a mix of local and regional teams, offering excellent competition in locations convenient for scouts and recruiters from various regions. This initiative underlines Five Tool’s overarching goal of supporting local teams in gaining exposure while accommodating out-of-town clubs in a travel- and expense-efficient manner. For more information about youth tournaments and showcases, interested parties are encouraged to visit or contact Five Tool directly via email at

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